3D Payment Security

What is 3D-Authentication?

3D-authentication refers to schemes such as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘Mastercard Securecode’, which provide an additional security layer to the process of paying for something online.

These schemes allow you to create a password specific to your card, which is then entered during the payment process to authorise payment. This password is not shared with the participating retailer; it works much like entering your pin to authorise a card payment in a shop.

Please follow the links below for further information from Mastercard and Visa about these schemes.



What are the benefits?

This additional step improves payment security, preventing your card from being used fraudulently if it’s lost or stolen. For this reason, we have made the process a mandatory requirement for all payments taken on our site.

3D Authentication is easy to set up, and once you’ve enrolled your card will continue to work just as normal, and you will still be able to use it with retailers who are not yet offering this level of payment security.

How do I sign up?

If your card is a Mastercard, please follow the link below, select your card provider, and follow the instructions to sign up.


If your card is a Visa, please follow the link below, select ‘United Kingdom’ from the drop down menu, select you card provider, and follow the instructions to sign up.